Hi, There:

This should be an easy one to figure out. But it took me a couple of days. :-((  When I set up my restful service using JAX-RS on Weblogic 10. I used Jersey reference implementation and defined the web.xml as:


<display-name>My Jersey Application</display-name>

And my POM has

<!– if your container implements Servlet API older than 3.0, use “jersey-container-servlet-core” –>

BUT when I access the resources as restful impl class, I got this java.lang.AbstractMethodError: It turned out I just need to include the dependency class for UriBuilderImpl. The easiest one is from CXF.


Then the problem was gone!   I should have known that the java.lang.AbstractMethodError tells me it needed some actual Impl. class for the UriBuilder Abstract class. Duh!

Hope it helps anyone out there.



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