Why my set-http-request-header doesn’t work???

Hi, there:


I spent a couple of days with datapower again on this seemingly simple task. I had to add a new custom header to HTTP request in a MPGW to register a value for later use. But the standard 


<dp:set-http-request-header name=”header-name”value=”’header-value’” />


Simply did not work at all. Interestingly, another <dp:remove-http-request-header name=’BLAH’/> 

worked fine. :((

It finally turned out that I had missed:


extension-element-prefixes=“dp regexp” 

attribute in the stylesheet root tag. That made the difference! I am not totally sure about the whole process as why the DP namespace wasn’t enough for the setter. But I put in this now and will report reasons when I have them.





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